The Universality of Art .

Phil Plumley
3 min readNov 10, 2021

The Generosity of Art as the Original Art of Generosity.

Recently, in the heart of all matters relating to ocean and climate matters, Art has again been chosen to communicate and raise awareness.

Artists have been inspired and inspiring. Their work most often goes unnoticed. Yet, some if it is eternal. The works we think to recognise or admire get put on a pedestal and define their own genre, as a sort of reference mark for the future.

Art is often associated with an element of exclusiveness and preciousness. The actual fact is that it holds an element of dedication, work and craftsmanship. Whether we think of paintings or statues or objects, the term art redefines them as more than the materials that constitute them. In fact, the element that gives it the term of Art most often is an element of ‘je ne sais quoi’, an element that is not restricted to words. Whether it creates a feeling or an emotion, the effect is part of what defines it.

Artists are workers. They produce and share their vision of the world, sometimes in a more dedicated way, sometimes as a flavor within their overall lives.

We think of an author like Franz Kafka today as the great writer, yet, he had no intention to publish his work in his day. Rembrandt or Goya, Schiele or Giacometti, offered their expression in different ways. What we see today is what people kept.

Same in music, Chopin destroyed anything he did not wished to be remembered by.

While some Artists names find a quick spot in time, others are a part of movements until they find their spot, like Salomon van Ruisdael, or Jakob van Ruisdael.

That generosity which I initially refer to is the act of an individual blindly looking to pursue their calling. While one may amuse oneself when talking about the Art of Generosity, as many books look to organise and offer methods to live up to as in living up to a code of sorts, often different according to the trends, the generosity of Art stands on a firmer ground. A ground where roots are cultivated and then inspired.

Overall, The Art of generosity stems from the generosity of Art.

In today’s world Art has also regained a place not just as admiration but as essential. It has once again taken the role of being of appeal by its universality. More to the point, the COP 26 has chosen to illustrate the current climate situation with ice recovered from…

Phil Plumley

Environmentalist / Ocean Matters podcast / SDGs