Seaspiracy — Cancel Everything, watch this Documentary

Phil Plumley
1 min readMar 26, 2021

For those of you who enjoy documentaries, you should make the time to watch this one.

For those of you who do not usually watch documentaries but prefer series or movies, please make the time to watch Seaspiracy.

In all cases, Seaspiracy is the quickest education one can currently get into the topics of the Oceans, from marine pollution to plastic pollution, from the Fishing Industry to the multiple interpretations of the terms sustainable.

The exercise that the director Ali Tabrizi carries out accomplishes the same effect as one conducting personal research.

Very much as to when one gets into going from one topic to the next while doing research online, the director drives and directs our curiosity and thoughts from open questions to new thoughts and multiple observations and conclusions.

The research is thorough and transparent.

I would add, that the documentary generously allows for everyone to have the details of all research so that in turn anyone can go and carry out their own research. Quite the coup.

In all cases, in viewing Seaspiracy, the Pandora’s box is opened for us.

I could share more about all elements within the documentary that make it so important, but it would actually take longer than viewing it!

The viewing of Seaspiracy is transformative. Hats off to Ali Tabrizi who completed a very brave and challenging exercise.

Let the healing begin.

Phil Plumley

Environmentalist / Ocean Matters podcast / SDGs