Inna Braverman, Surfing the Climate Change Wave while offering the latest Wave Energy Solutions for the Blue Planet!

Phil Plumley
2 min readDec 4, 2020


Once upon a time, a young child born within weeks after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and faced with the same challenges of survival as many other children at that time in the region, went on to becoming a global leader in the field of renewable energy solutions.

I first heard of Inna Braverman while listening to a podcast called WomenInTech, who is produced by the same leading creative genius and pionneer whose name is associated with WeAreLaTech, namely Espree Devora.

This was a few years back. Since then, Inna Braverman has been voicing her cause and her mission throughout Ted Talks and other forms of communication which have peppered the social media channels. Her message as much as her energy solutions are of equal importance. Actually, her sense of commitment is an actual part of the story itself.

Today, Inna Braverman and that same company she presented on the first podcast I heard is still growing and actually at a much greater speed.

In light of the 2030 climate commitments, the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, the COP Meetings and so forth, the accelerated raise of awareness around Climate Change has opened up new opportunities for sources of energy in what is traditionally a slow moving and slow changing sector.

The company she passionately leads is Eco Wave Power.

As the name suggests, waves are a key part of it. The idea is to use the waves of the ocean to generate energy. It may sound as a new idea to you, however this exercise to source energy has been attempted since the 1890s, with a first patent actually dating back to 1799.

The company she leads actually uses technology that is easy to use and implement, pretty much low-tech and easy to maintain. It is an easy power solution to deploy and with a world with a growing energy need and looking to not add to carbon emissions, this is a solution to consider above several other options.

Considering the many plans to generate energy while reducing carbon emissions, Eco Wave Power offers an option that can be embraced by several parts of the world as long as they have a coastline.

There used to be a time when economics dictated the preference of a source of energy, but with carbon emissions to be included in the equation, as well as the ever growing need for energy, more sources of energy are needed. This has allowed for several new technologies to become relevant and to come forward in order to start to take a piece of the energy mix of energy sources.

I look forward to see how different that energy mix will look like in 2030 and even 2040. One thing is clear though, Inna Braverman and Eco Wave Power is contributing to Wave energy solutions and has a clear role in the development in that energy source for the energy mix of the future on our blue planet.



Phil Plumley

Environmentalist / Ocean Matters podcast / SDGs