Change Now 2021 — Who is up for taking responsibility and changing the world?

Phil Plumley
2 min readJun 16, 2021

I was lucky to attend the 2020 Change Now event in Paris. It was an experience I wrote and spoke about as I processed how much of a transformative event it had actually been.

Change Now, the largest event for the planet, once again united more people and made another step forward in healing the planet by reuniting people and leading the way in the improvement of the planet.

In the middle of a pandemic the exercise this year was rescheduled, however rather than to keep postponing it, Change Now decided to go full digital.

I did attend and it again it was a succesful exercise.

Change Now made its ‘magic’, a space was created and held for people to step forward and generously convey their message. It was a safe space, a space where gender equality, culture and and backgrounds all were welcome and a part of the conversation and the narrative.

The technology was put at service, and contrary to many events that went digital at some point, it was not an attempt to a tv show, nor a rush to package as much as possible in a search to deliver more value per minute, but rather it was a space where the exercise was based on generosity and will.

There is no formula in a box that would achieve such an exercise if not for the fact that it was put together by people for people, an artistic exercise where the knowledge of the topics, the choice of the participating speakers as well as the open mind as to where the conversation could go, were what allowed for such an experience whether virtual, digital or in person.

This was actually a true display of craftmanship and artistry how all the event was put together and how it went on to take a life of its own. I dare add that the proof of this point of view is the true emotional exercise it is for all participants. A global exercise that achieves a level of involving individuals like no other exercise.

I applaud their work again and again, and I continously invite people to look at their work which currently is available on

Love, and thanks again, you fuel our hope for the planet.


Phil Plumley

Environmentalist / Ocean Matters podcast / SDGs